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Bringing the Word to Life! The Arts Fellowship comprises of people who desire to send a positive message to the world in regards to God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom through performing and visual arts, and film. The fellowship delights in using their artistic talents to bring God glory and bring others to God and fellowship in the arts!


Lead: Min. Christopher Dews

When we meet: Planning meetings and rehearsals are dependent on the projects. 2 major productions a year with mini projects throughout the year.


Past Video Production: The Truth…a witness interrogation





Cornerstone worships, honors and celebrates the Lord through the ministry of dance. The dances are administered as an outpouring of a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. Encouraged for all ages, the Dance Fellowship is a collaboration of individuals who are called to worship God, serve the body, and proclaim the gospel. We meet Periodically after church on Sundays in prep for events at Cornerstone and other special events locally.


Lead: Sonya Lloyd


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